Catodo Led RGB 10 unid catodo comun

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10 unidades de led RGB Catodo anodo comun.


Intelligent control system;
Can produce gradient, jump, chase, scan, display animation graphics, and so on;
100% brand new with great quality;
The mist, red and green and blue LED Light emitting diode;
A lamp with three chips: red green blue;

Condition: Brand New

Size(Approx): Diameter 5mm.

Pins sequence: RED/Common Anode(positive terminal)/Green/Blue .

Color: Red / Green / Blue.

Forward Voltage : R: 1.8-2.2 G: 3.0-3.4 B: 3.0-3.4.

Electric Current: 20 mA.

Power: 0.06W.

View Angle: About 25 degree.